Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Phoebe and Her Friend Jingle

Phoebe Genevieve and her friend Jingle Monroe... smelling Springtime!

Phoebe loves to explore

but she never goes too far from me

Jingle has the biggest, prettiest eyes

They both fit into Phoebe's car seat (sort of)

Hope you're enjoying this beautiful month of May!  We were in the 90's just a couple days ago and today is was a very chilly low 60's, with lots of wind.

Have a lovely day!



Susan said...

My sweet Bichon, Keeper, says Hey all the way from Auburn, Alabama!!! Phoebe and Jingle are adorable!!

Blessed Serendipity said...

How sweet that Phoebe has a little friend. They are both so cute.

xo Danielle

Mari said...

Awww your sweet Phoebe has a friend they look sooo adorable in the car seat together ;-)
My sweet gals have been enjoying the spring weather as well.


vivian said...

aww! nothing beats a good friend, especially ones as cute as Phoebe and jingle!
happy day Holly!!

Janet Ghio said...

So glad to see a post about Phoebe and her bestie Jingles