Monday, October 28, 2013

Jewelry, Halloween and My Favorite House Guest!

I made this bracelet utilizing a cameo that my grandmother gave me when I was a little girl.

Here are some pretty "Good Witch" brooches I made a few years ago.

I made this big-headed double-doll a few years ago as well.  Just love these little vintage mischievous looking girls.

Phoebe and her best boyfriend, Jingle Monroe enjoy bathtime.  Phoebe has the rounder haircut and the pink eraser nose.

My dear friend LuLu from South Carolina came for a visit and we were nonstop on-the-go! Shopping at the garment district in downtown L.A. was a blast.  We found so many great bits for jewelry making.

We visited Hollywood Blvd and Melrose Ave for lots of colorfulness!

LuLu joined me for a birthday celebration and fit right in with all the girls.  They loved her and her sweet southern accent!

I found this gorgeous girl along Santa Monica Blvd. over the weekend.  Isn't she cool?  Take a close look at her dress.

Me at a Halloween Party this past weekend. How are you celebrating Halloween this year?  Dressing up?  Handing out candy?

Whatever you do, be safe and enjoy!


PS - Miss you LuLu and looking forward to next year!


Diane Mars said...

The necklace is beautiful! You girls look like you so enjoyed yourselves! Very very fun girlfriend time!

vivian said...

oh, I want to play with you and Lulu!! isnt she a blast? and she is so beautiful too. I imagine you two together turned a lot of heads!
glad you had fun together! happy halloween!! you make a gorgeous witch by the way!

Mari said...

Love your little fluffy guest, they look so adorable in the tub together ;)
I celebrated my Halloween at a great party!
Love your jewelry ;)


Createology said...

My Oh My...Phoebe and her boyfriend bathing together! Uber cute!! Your bracelet is divine. Looks like lots of girl fun was shared. You look BOO-tiful dear. Blissful Halloween.

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Great witch creations! Looks like you and your friend had a wonderful visit.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Eeeeeeeeek! I had a ball!!! My visit with you and Marsha was the best birthday prezzie ever!!!!

Can't wait until next time too!!!

Love you oooooodles!

Vicki said...

Hi, Holly,
I see you love Halloween, too. So many happy trick or treat memories for me. Your beautiful cameo jewelry is wonderful especially since it holds fond family memories. You are a beautiful witch! Enjoy your Halloween, my friend~ love, Vicki

Denise Duffy said...

You dropped by my blog today and I thought "I know her! She makes those adorable aprons that I love!" How funny! Because I had kind of lost track of your blog! So happy to find you again! That necklace that you made is beautiful! Actually, I think everything that you do is wonderful. Have a Happy Halloween.

June said...

Hey beautiful girl!!! It looks like you and Lulu had a great time together and I adore the photos of you guys! I also loved the Phoebe and her wet little friend Jingles in the tub. So cute!

I went back to see all I had missed since my last time here and may I just say---YOU my dear are so talented!!! I loved seeing all you have been creating of late.
sending big hugs...

A bird in the hand said...

Hi, Holly.
You know how to celebrate in style!
Love your good witch brooches.

Laura Madalene said...

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